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Welcome to Sustainability | Finance | Real Economies (SFRE, pronounced Sapphire), the first global open-ended investment umbrella fund developed to deploy substantial amounts of long term capital to support a broad range of banks with a proven track record of serving the real economy by meeting the needs of individuals, enterprises and communities they serve whilst also delivering robust and stable financial returns. SFRE is a Luxembourg SICAV-SIF with its initial compartment (SFRE Fund) established in February 2015.

SFRE Fund is the first global fund of its kind established solely with private capital, independent of public development financial institutions that have been active in supporting new banking models in the developing world. Investors in SFRE Fund include GABV members as well as foundations, institutional investors, family offices, and other private investors.

SFRE’s Vision

SFRE’s vision is to support a banking paradigm focused on the real economy and meeting human needs of economic resiliency, environmental regeneration and social empowerment (a triple bottom line of Prosperity, Planet and People).

SFRE’s Initiation

SFRE was initiated by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) in response to the need for growth capital for values-based banks to expand their impact and reach. The GABV, founded in 2009, is an independent network of banks with a shared mission to use finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development. The Alliance consists of 40 financial institutions operating across 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe; serving 20 million customers; holding up to USD 110 billion of combined assets under management; and powered by a network of 42,000 co-workers.

SFRE’s Milestones

In February 2015,SFRE Fund successfully achieved its initial close with investors committing in excess of USD 44 million. As an open-ended investment vehicle responding to a growing need for growth capital from banks focused on the real economy, SFRE Fund expects to increase its committed funding to USD 100 million  as a next milestone reaching USD 250 million within the next 8 years.

SFRE’s Management

SFRE is led by Jim Prouty, CEO. SFRE Fund’s portfolio management process is managed by Triodos Investment Management B.V. in The Netherlands. using a proprietary Scorecard developed by the GABV to measure and assess the relative focus of any bank’s activities with the GABV’s Principles of Sustainable Banking. Learn more about the SFRE Management and Board.

SFRE’s Partners

SFRE and the GABV are independent organisations sharing a mission to expand the eco-system of this banking paradigm by sharing expertise in developing innovation in banking services to deliver economic resiliency, environmental regeneration and social empowerment. The GABV engaged the services of Enclude Capital Advisory UK Limited as its advisor to design SFRE. SFRE has extended the engagement of Enclude Capital Advisory UK Limited as its advisor to design SFRE. Learn more about other SFRE partners.